Easy Work Bench

   This is one easy work bench to build.  I was able to complete this within a couple of hours.   All you need to get is 1 sheet (4'x8') of 7/16 " OSB plywood and 5 2x4x8's.  When I bought the plywood from Lowe's I went ahead and had them cut the plywood in half(2'x8'), mainly because I don't have a table saw at home.  Anyways.  The original plans that I found are at hammerzone.com 

Material List:
  5 - 2x4x8
  1 - 4x8 sheet of 7/16" OSB plywood
  1 - 1lb of 3" galvanized deck screws
  1 - 1lb of 1 5/8" galvanized deck screw

   The first step is to cut the 2x4's.  The original plans that I found had the legs at 32".  To me that was too short.  I ended up making the legs at 44".   Once you cut the 4 legs, you need to cut the stretchers.  There are 4 long stretchers that are 48" long, and the 4 end stretchers are cut to 24" long.

   The second step is to assemble that side frame. take 2 legs and 2 long stretchers. I started off with 1 screw  at each joint.  The measured diagonally from corner to corner to make sure it was square.  Once I got it squared I put in 3 more screws in each joint.  Once you get the first one built, build the second one that same way.  For the bottom shelf I put the board 12" off the floor.

Now once you get 2 side frames put together its time to add the end stretchers.   You will 2 stretchers to each from and then turn the whole frame upside down like in the picture.  This will help keep the table from tipping over and make it easier to attach the boards together.  Once you get them all screwed together,  flip the table over.

Now that frame is put together.  I cut on the half sheets of plywood to 51".  Then screwed it down for the top shelf. 
  Next cut the next piece of plywood to 51" inchs too.  But then make 3"x5" notches in the corners of the shelf and then slid it into place on the bottom shelf and screw it down.  This is what you should come up with when you are done.

That is pretty much it for the workbench.  Just sand the edges down and it's good to go.  As for me I plan adding some more to it.  I plan on adding maybe a half shelf and even enclosing the bottom shelf .  As I add to it i will update the post with pictures and what all I have done.


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